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They must decide if allowing themselves to love is worth the risk. Ignite @Mortimerwrites #Giveaway

Title: Ignite
Series: Sister Series Novel
Author: Holly Mortimer
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: September 15, 2015

COVER REVEAL He Loves Me Healthy, He Loves Me Not by Renee Dyer

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Title: He Loves Me Healthy, He Loves Me Not
Author: Renee Dyer
Release Date: October 26

It’s a strange little word about to change Nick and Brenna St. James’ world forever.
Brenna was raised to believe loves conquers all. Losing piece after piece of herself causes her to waver in her beliefs. Insecurities abound and she can’t stop wondering if Nick can love the person she is now. Is it fair to ask him to?
Nick wants a do over. To go back to a time before Brenna was sick, before everything changed. But genies don’t exist, life doesn’t grant wishes, and time machines haven’t been invented. All he can do is follow his heart...and his heart wants Brenna.
Together, they have to face a battle they never imagined.
When fighting is all you have left…
When love can't heal everything…
When life rests in the balance of the unknown...
When their vows, “…in sickness and in health”, are put to the test…
Will Nick and Brenna be able to fight through the odds stacked against them, or will everything come crumbling down?


 From a young age Renee Dyer had a love of writing, starting with a doodle pad at age four that soon turned into journals and later computer documents.  Poetry became short stories and short stories became a novel.  Although she's surrounded by males all day having three sons, a husband and a hyperactive chocolate lab, she still finds time to be all woman when she escapes into the fantasy of reading and writing romance.  That is, until she needs male perspective and garners eye rolling from her husband.  She's a true New Englander.  You'll find her screaming profanity at her TV while the Pats play and cuddling under blankets during the cold seasons (which is most of them) reading a good book.  To her snow is not a reason to shut things down, only a reason to slow down and admire the beauty.  Ask her questions and she'll answer them.  She's an open book, pun fully intended.


10 of Today's Hottest Authors Tell You 10 Shifted Stories #PNR #Anthology

~10 of Today's Hottest Authors Tell You 10 Shifted Stories~
J.L. McCoy - Brandy L. Rivers - Morgan Jane Mitchell - Emily Walker - Katie Salidas - 
V. Cantrell - Alexia Purdy - Magen McMinimy - J. Rose Alexander - Dicey Grenor

Who guards their hearts? The Blackbird Anthology by @DahliaDonovan #Giveaway

The Thousand Year Curse by Taylor Lavati #YA #Fantasy


All that glitters isn’t gold. Sometimes it’s plastic. On the Road by Jade C. Jamison

On the Road
Vagabonds #2
Jade C. Jamison

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Secrets never stay secret for long. Passion in Paradise Duo by Sarah O'Rourke #Giveaway

Title: Passion in Paradise Duo
Novels Included: Cain's Salvation & Hard as Stone 
Series: The Men of the McKinnon Sisters
Author: Sarah O'Rourke 
Genre: Erotic Romance Suspense
Published: September 22, 2015

BOOK TOUR: Asylum Harbor by Isla Grey #Contemporary #Suspense #Giveaway

Title: Asylum Harbor
Series: The Salty Dog Series Book One
Author: Isla Grey
Genre: Contemporary/Suspense
Approximately 198 pages
Published:  September 16, 2105  Publisher:  Wild Rose Press

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Will their past destroy any chance of finding peace? Ignite by Holly Mortimer #Giveaway

Title: Ignite
Series: Sister Series Novel
Author: Holly Mortimer
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 15, 2015

He won the title fight, but did he win the girl? #newadult @alliejuliette #giveaway

Title: Dare You Forever (A Wedding Novella)
Series: Brothers of Ink and Steel #2.5
Author: Allie Juliette Mousseau
Genre: Sports/New Adult Romance
Release Date: August 4, 2015 

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