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#CoverReveal #Giveaway In Dreams by Heather Mullins #book out Oct 30

Coming: October 30, 2014

Angels and Demons - Devada and Divulgence #books by @TichBrewster


One little slip up-Lust by @Bonnie_Bliss out now #erotica #giveaway

Elizabeth has finally escaped from Asmodeus. Safely tucked away in a small seaside village in Italy, she finds peace and maybe a little bit of heat with Jared. Her seeming savior, he not only got her somewhere safe, but the connection, heat, and desire he inspires in her is undeniable.

When you're lost...True North by @alliejuliette #freebie #booksale


#CoverReveal Silver Dove by E.J. Shortall

Coming: October 28, 2014

Will distance tear them apart? Unspoken Endings @gabbiesduran #giveaway

Will the distance tear them apart?

Tatted Love by Kathryn Jacob @Kit712Kat #book out now


Is she ready to fight? Vision of Destiny by @S_Moose060912 #Giveaway

Falling apart. Barely breathing. How can I go on without you?

Take a trip to Whisper Cover #bookseries by @cyndifaria #giveaway

Award Winning Author Cyndi Faria takes readers to Whisper Cove with Spirit Awakened! Spirit Awakened and Spirit Released tell the eternal love story of Jake Mitchell and Faith Cabrillo.  The Whisper Cove series has recently undergone a cover makeover. Ms. Faria is thrilled to share the new look with you all and a $20 Giveaway!

#BookReview Bound To The Past by @LaurynMichaels #RomanticSuspense

- Synopsis -
After a terrible motorcycle accident causes Jack Turner total memory loss, discovering what has happened in his past becomes crucial to him. What is he doing back in Starville, the small Texas town he left behind many years before? And has he really murdered his adoptive father, as everyone seems to believe?
In a world full of doubts and misgivings, Jackʼs only certainty is Sara.

Novelist Sara Milano has been struggling with writer's block and blames it on her boring existence. The night she rescues mysterious Jack Turner on the road, however, she knows everything is about to change. Convinced of Jack's innocence and determined to use his turbulent story as an inspiration for her new novel, Sara decides to help him through his journey of discovering the truth.
As Starville's hostility toward Jack turns into hatred, unveiling the real killer's identity becomes a matter of life or death.

*** Authorʼs Note: “BOUND TO THE PAST” IS A STAND-ALONE NOVEL. The other boo…

Personal matters have no place in the boardroom-Making Scandal @KiruTaye #Giveaway

Making Scandal by +Kiru Taye, Author The Essien Trilogy, Book 2 Genre: Contemporary Romance, Multicultural Add to Goodreads TBR

#CoverReveal Trick or Treat an Eye Candy Bookstore #Anthology out Oct15

Coming: October 15, 2014

Can she forgive the worst betrayal? JUICE @michellesinhell #giveaway


Can he show her how beautiful life can be? My Coyote Ugly Life @spoonitha


Hell on wheels meets hell in high heels-Stone At Your Service @RieWrites #Giveaway

Hell on wheels meets hell in high heels.

#BookSpotlight Holly Madison: Sins of the Father by @JenKhan_Author #Giveaway


Fate will not be denied-Saved by her Dragon by @JuliaMills623 #Giveaway

Saved By Her Dragon (Dragon Guards #5) By Julia Mills

#BookSpotlight: Scarred by Love and Broken by Love By C.A. Harms

Scarred by Love By C.A. Harms
Riley thought she was in love. She thought she found the perfect guy until his aggressive behavior became too much to handle and she ran.

Sometimes falling for the wrong guy feels right-This Road @KarolynWrites #Giveaway

Sometimes falling in love with the wrong girl just feels right...

The summer he'll never forget-Summer of Seventeen @jharveyberrick #Giveaway


They've set a trap for her-Trail of Dead by @CristyReyWrites #PNR #book


#BookReview Beautifully Used by Susan Griscom #contemporaryromance

Suave, handsome Brodie Beaumont has a history of using and being used by women. A past he doesn’t like to talk about has turned him into the type of guy he is today, but he hasn’t really cared. Until the beautiful and feisty Gabrielle Demeres comes back into his life.

Gabrielle learned the hard way what type of guy Brodie was the first time she met him. His crude seduction attempt earned him a slap to his face, and Gabrielle wasn’t exactly looking forward to another encounter with the cad. Unfortunately, her best friend was marrying Brodie’s brother, and Gabrielle and Brodie would be forced to spend time together whether she liked it or not.

As things in the small, quiet town of Turtle Lake take a decidedly dark and dangerous turn, Gabrielle and Brodie only have each other to turn to. Will they be capable of overcoming their aversion to one another while coping with their own troubled pasts and dealing with the current dangers surrounding them? Or is their hostility just skating …

Getting close to him could cost her soul-Unclaimed @Laurie_Wetzel #Giveaway

Book name- Unclaimed by Laurie Wetzel  Genre- YA Paranormal Romance Release date-8/11/2014 Goodreads Link- 

Relationships are for the weak-Calling Card by @ItsAshleyYo #book #Giveaway

Relationships are for the weak. Those individuals who have a problem being just that … individuals, people who can’t fathom standing on their own two feet and not being defined by another human being.

She is not who you think-Lead Him Not Into Temptation by @MSteinbrunn out now

Jennifer MacLauchlan is not who you think...

Can she forgive him? Enticed by You @amy_muscat #book #Giveaway


#BookReview Echoes in the Darkness by @JaneGodman #Gothic #Romance

Echoes in the Darkness Blurb Not betrothed, but beguiled. In artistic circles she is the Divine Dita, the most sought-after nude model in Paris. But now she’s not so much posing as playing a role: fiancée to the next Earl of Athal. The charade is a favor to Dita’s friend, Eddie Jago, a dissolute painter…and the aforementioned heir. As deceptions go, it is innocent compared with what will come.
On the grim Cornish coast, from the ashes of a ruined castle rises the Jagos’ sumptuous new manor house. The fresh-hewn stone, however, cannot absorb the blood of centuries or quiet the echoes of past crimes. Dita struggles to decipher the family: the infirm Earl and his inscrutable wife; resentful Eddie; sheltered sister Eleanor. And Cad: the handsome second son whose reputation is spotless in business—scandalous everywhere else. Drawn by friendship, ensnared by lust, Dita uncovers a sordid tangle of murder, desire and madness. It will lay her bare as no portraitist has done before.

Maya's Rev…

In the Hot Seat: The Divine Dita from Echoes in the Darkness by @JaneGodman #Gothic

In the Hot Seat Series, we interview a character from a book and pose twenty probing questions.
Today, we have Dita Varga from Echoes in the Darkness by Jane Godman in the hot seat. Check out the interview.

1.Welcome to our blog, Dita. What do you consider your greatest achievement? My greatest achievement to date has been my ability to stay one step ahead of a man called Sandor Karol, who has been searching for me across Europe. He believes I belong to him and he has sworn to find me. By avoiding him, I have also managed to stay alive because once he knows I will not succumb, he will kill me.  

99cents #BookSale Deep Blue series by @Amie_Nichols_ #Giveaway

99c Sale - 3 books in 1!

The Replacement Guitarist #bookseries by @loritoland #Giveaway


#Coverreveal Regretfully by @LeightonRiley3 #Book Out Oct 16

Title: Regretfully (Sinfully #2)
Author: Leighton Riley
Release Date: Oct 16, 2014
Find on
Goodreads Pre-order on Amazon

Born with a sword in his hand-meet Rick from Midnight Eclipse @arialburnz

Midnight Eclipse Character Reveal TourThe Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles by Arial Burnz is the saga of Broderick MacDougal following the soul of his true love through the centuries. There are six books planned for the series and this tour highlights the characters featured in the first three books and in the upcoming release Midnight Eclipse - Book 4 - which features Norse shapeshifting pirates. AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER OCTOBER 8TH for VIP Club members, October 15th worldwide.

Become a VIP Club Member for FREE to get the VIP pre-order pricing of 50¢ for Midnight Eclipse!!  You'll also get Midnight Conquest, Book 1, for FREE if you join.CLICK HERE to read about the other benefits of being a VIP. Click to Tweet and help spread the news!

Bio: Broderick "Rick" MacDougalBorn: April 4, 1450Crossed Over: October 11, 1486Height: 6' 3"Weight: 220 lbs (15.7 stones)Role: Hero and Main Character of the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles

Sometimes we have to let the pain float away-Addison's Release @madison_leia #Giveaway


Some rules are made to be broken-Employee of the Month @TraceRbookworm #book

Employee of the Month by +Tracey Rogers Genre(s): Contemporary Romance Digital ISBN: 9781940744414 Length: Category Publication Date: September 15, 2014 Price: $4.50 Add to Goodreads TBR
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